Independent jar

Pickle - twice, carrot slice,
eating cabbage is my vice,
onion and garlic have no price
all together smell like rotten rice.
to be precise it’s a sacrifice
However, it tastes like paradise.
In the end, If found by mice,
that part is not that nice.

Each household has prepared Turšija, seeing it as a soldier fighting the economic crisis, lack of money, hunger, and poverty. Diving into the jar of vegetables leads us to the first step of this game. Get comfortable and choose your fighter. This will be a gory battle.

An old basement, covered with cold, moldy walls that are destroyed through time, surrounds you. If you really concentrate on them, you will notice how hues are overlapping. You smell the mildew and observe objects that look like fossils embracing obsolescence. The wind that sneaked up through the bottom of the door hugs your feet with its cold hands. You have your shoes, but it feels as if your skin is covered with frostbites. The eerie sound of the cracky floor distracts you from your duty. Focus, soldier.

On the stained, damaged cabinet on your left, once there were at least 20 glass jars on each shelf, ready for the winter feast. If you want to save your brothers, you must prepare its shelves adequately for the season. Satiety is the only way solder.

Once, you have tasted the idea of communism. You lived with your people in the country before it became a republic. When it was attacked by the enemy, you fought until your last atom was dropped on the ground. All these pictures are still disturbing and distracting you from your mission. The blood-spattered faces and crushed fists of your brothers are not the only things that tighten your chest and steal your breath. The face of your mother appears as a Fata Morgana in every corner of the basement. You know that it is not over. Independence is a choice and you did not choose it this time.

Giving it to the mice is not at all nice,
we didn’t want it, but independence enticed.

On 17 February 2008, Kosovo unilaterally declared its independence from Serbia.

From now on you are unaccompanied. You are alone, my soldier. This game is made to wage war by yourself.

Turšija jar - vegetables are swimming in alcoholic vinegar and water. Each ingredient has a particular role. They function independently, but together, at the same time. Taking a pickle out of the jar still tastes like Turšija.