Reform, sweet Reform

Changes are bitter,
reforms are sweet,
revolutions are tasty
or is it just a myth?

Sunny morning in the Royal Kingdom. The little prince is hanging on aCorylus avellana. The Nuts family has always been fascinating for an observer, except for the fact that one has to spend hours freeing one member from its shell. As their employer, your job is to drop them in the chocolate pool, feed, walk or entertain as if they are game characters. It really feels like Sims 5 The Royal Meal version is available now. You win if all members are in their royal chambers at the end. The result is even more appealing - her Majesty is baked.

Since 1996, I have been eating chocolate cake at least once per month.
Since 2012, I have been wearing a non-European necklace.

"Reform cake" is an old-fashioned and classic dessert on the Serbian table. Additionally, we say, "the only reform that succeeds in Serbia". You have to admit the adorability of our humor can’t be denied. We are Europe, but not the Union. In 2009, we kindly asked to be part of it. Currently, we are wandering around wearing the non-European complex necklace. The deadline for their response is 2026, but we have a plan.

The Action plan, Chapter 23 – Judiciary and Fundamental Rights, is one of the most important chapters in the accession negotiations with the European Union. Reform of the Constitution is one of the obligations of Serbia towards the EU, which was formulated by this chapter. It is intended to bring more independence to the judges and prosecutors and thereby bring Serbia closer to EU standards.

Eating Reform makes me feel more European.

It is said to be the queen of cakes, wearing the mantle of change. Crossing the red carpet while striding towards the throne. The amount of poshness is unbelievably high. Twelve yolks goldening her majestic tiara. Many reformers are focused on improving society through education on more scientific, humanistic, pragmatic, or democratic principles. I just want to eat the whole baking tray. A political sweetness or a tendency for change?

I am running over the crust and swimming in filling’s lake
Is it a reform that makes me feel so good, or is it just a cake?