Nadja Kracunovic

Nadja Kracunovic

42 m of intimacy (2020)

installation in public space

Belgrade, Vidikovac

For private zone lovers. The ones I share public/private space with. For everyone.

Beyond the rejection of issues of domicile, today's urban architecture has neglected problems of mass-housing. Today’s architecture seems to have abandoned life entirely and turned into a pure architectural fabrication. We still need living places that will reinforce our sense of human reality and the essential hierarchies of life.

42 m of intimacy measures the gap between two buildings. In the area where the whole settlement is planned (the urban plan for residential buildings in the Vidikovac neighborhood) was a small forest until the beginning of 2020. As in many parts of Belgrade, buildings began to sprout in all available spaces, destroying all aesthetics, functions and most importantly, endangering private space for already existing tenants. The smaller and narrower that space is, the more intimate it becomes.

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