Nadja Kracunovic

Nadja Kracunovic

Complex on sale (2019)

Photography: Jovana Barović

Sometimes, it just decides to grow. I confront directly its size. It takes a big part of my face, always collides, and spreads. Massive and variable. Nosy parker.

The work focuses on the standards of beauty imposed by one's environment. It reconsiders the idealization of our physical appearance seen by the public. Through humor, it depicts the author's personal frustration and presents her face's surplus as an object. Complex is an attempt to better understand the position of the private body in public space.

The performance was set up on the station where I was selling objects shaped after my nose by Ibarska highway, in my hometown Belgrade, Serbia, in front of a residential complex that has been unsold for years. Two properties finally met through the act of selling one next to each other. Apart from the relationship of private property, a private body, and public space, this project has also addressed the humorous representation.

In the gallery space, the complex becomes someone’s sweet bite.

Download the catalogue (in Serbian) here.

"Complex on sale" board

The selling spot on Ibarska highway

Video screenshots

Exhibiting practice

Photography by: Adrienn Ujhazi and Nikola Todorović

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