Nadja Kracunovic

Nadja Kracunovic

The Relay of Youth (2020)

Authors: Nađa Kračunović, Đurđa Garčević, Uroš Ranković, Ljubica Grubić

The object is printed via 3d printer and it is part of the NextYou project. Currently, it takes place in the NextYou zone in the Museum Of Yugoslavia in Belgrade where visitors can participate in the process of printing.

Read more about it (in Serbian) here.

Historical context

The relay of Youth was a symbolic relay race held in the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia every year. The relay carried a baton with a birthday pledge to Josip Broz Tito (Yugoslav communist revolutionary and statesman) ostensibly from all young people of Yugoslavia. The race usually started in Tito's birth town Kumrovec and went through all major towns and cities of the country. It ended in Belgrade at JNA Stadium on May 25, Tito's official birthday and Day of Youth, a national holiday.

The text

I feel young and it seems to me that I will never feel younger.
Youth. I feel its core as it is getting mature. It gives me strength and power. What am I going to do with it? When I consume it, will it disappear completely? It won't be me anymore. Someone else will want to say everything that I said, maybe more, or different. That power of speech changes shapes but never disappears, it just changes the body. And after me, it will always be someone.

The concept

Our relay returns from the state of static to its original purpose - movement. As it moves, it separates, and each part of it remains to those who would be the bearers of the baton. Although we are all part of the same youth, we experience it completely differently. We give you and us young people this common strength. This relay is a set of speech positions made up of verticals in a bouquet - a sculpture of our youth. Each vertical is someone’s throne since he proudly represents everything he carries within himself.

The continuous movement of the relay raises the question: what do you have to say? The goal of her movement is to provide support to youth, support freedom, and give a chance, thus making youth eternal. It is youth that will last, no matter what time we live in.

And after me, it will always be the same.

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