Nadja Kracunovic

Nadja Kracunovic

Hunter (2020)

short experimental film

What I was hunting, tho?
I think that I was just fascinated by the hunt. Still trying to find out... Was that a circle?
I think it was.

Video teaser

Sometimes, it is more interesting to see without precise visual information: you can daydream, walk through the blur as if it is the ballon of material you love the most. And that material is always reality, you are consuming it without someone telling you how to do it. You make the decision. After a while, you recognize the blur and start swimming through it.

Finally, you did it, Hunter.

Within this short experimental movie, I was trying to collect fragments of a memory from a journey. Any journey.

The video was recorded while I was running, walking, and moving without my contact lenses. Blur and disorientation in these scenes present the journey itself and the only grasp of color was a clue of a clearing. I saw the circle.

We rarely get in touch with our true desires thinking that we want something we do not. I knew that I wanted to see what is beyond the everyday life routines, when we get out of our comfort zone and rely just on our sense, without forcing or expecting something to happen. At the moment, I felt like a hunter, hunting its own life.

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