The act of loudness 2021

The act of digging

Media performance, video 00:01:47, 2 (Stereo)

Weimar, Germany

"Art is my partner in crime. We think of a crime, we dig it and make the bigger one - visible, coherent, exposed, evident, apprehensible. I dig day-to-day so life is a bit more worthwhile. I am a farmer. I work under the umbrella of everyday life. I have my fields and holes. I take care of them. I dig it out and plant it again. I call it memory horticulture. I am a woman. I dig often on my own, my own. When I am ashamed, I cover my legs with a skirt and my face with a scarf. Tracking, rubbing, threatening, flashing, fondling. I dig my own voice in order to be heard."

I dig, dig, dig
I plant,
I am a juicy fig.
Take me, try me
do not jig
I smell like a bloody rose.
Look at me
I dig, dig, dig
and It grows.
Should I be loud?
I dig, dig
for the crowd.
I dig here
I dig now
you are the one
that is endowed.
I will scream
for the supreme
am I allowed?
is this bitterness
in my mouth?
it pulses and shelters
what about?
I dig, dig
and it sprouts.