Undisciplined bodies (Rosas) 2021

MIND PALACES, Villa Rosenthal, Jena (GER)


Rosa Hercules is a solo performance in Villa Rosenthal, a cabaret in collaboration with the pianist Mihail Mojzis questioning the political power over an individual.

Undisciplined bodies (Rosas)
Let’s begin, my little story
on this very land, foreign territory.
I was just a girl and it was already enough
To say something that i wanted I was never allowed
The people around
asking about the young life of mine.
It is the spring I smell the garden on my skin
and we are here together,
me and him
he plays, I sing
and that is how we are now
about the past, nobody asks
Nobody is allowed.
Wash my
youth and sorrow
and obscure my
my tomorrow
So that my fear
slowly disappear
Undisciplined bodies (Rosas)


Rosas/Undisciplined Bodies is a group performance of the MFA Public Art and New Artistic Strategies students Fabienne Margue, Laura Leal, Bernardita Bennett, Jonathan Joosten, Sisu Satrawaha, Pati Sayuri and Nadja Kracunovic.

Identity is subjective and necessarily makes up part of a socially and culturally plural pattern. It demands recognition, and politics has to take into account this request: but an exclusive identity politics—politics reduced to identity claims—is as short-sighted as it is dangerous, for the role of politics is precise to overcome and transcend particular subjectivities.

Undisciplined bodies (Rosas)
Undisciplined bodies (Rosas)
Du bist in Ordnung.
Undisciplined bodies (Rosas)